Hovercraft Experience for Two




2 hour* Competitive Hovercraft Experience.

Ticket price for 2 people. Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Event run predominantly Monday to Friday.

Hovercraft Event Brief

Safety Briefing - Each participant will be given a detailed safety briefing (this is done in a group) and shown the controls of the craft.

Training in craft - Each participant will be given ample time to learn to control the craft and should any one or more people need it, extra tuition will be given until the participant feels comfortable and safe in the craft. Training will also include a brief pass over water section(s) so everyone will know what to expect.

Pursuit Lap(s) - Generally this is done twice in an event and the aim is to get a time recorded so you can try and beat it on the second go (each set of pursuit laps contain 2 laps, an out lap and a timed lap).

Relay Race(s) - Our relay race(s) are exactly as you would expect, once each participant has completed a lap the race is over and won, again this is generally done twice and can sometimes be 2 laps instead of 1.

Hot lap(s) - This is the final part of the event and none of the participants will be told their time(s) until we are back at the signing in area where we have a countdown to see who the "Top Gun" of the event was.

Prizes - Each participant will receive a certificate and the "Top Gun" will receive a prize. (The prizes can vary from a gift voucher to come back for free, a medal or a fastest pilot mug with Hovercraft Adventures logo on).

Although this event is run predominantly on Saturdays, there are the few and far between occasions when we do run this event in the mid week sessions, mainly when they are specially requested for large group bookings. This type of event tends to suit Stag & Hen Parties, Family & Friends groups of between 6 & 12 as well as individual booking where we make up a group of the people booked in on that time slot.

*Experience time is based on 10-12 participants in a group. Timings will therefore vary depending on the number of participants in the group/session. Generally a Hovercraft event lasts for approximately 2 hours.*

Once you have your ticket(s), you will need to get in touch with us to make your booking, all bookings must be made in advance by using either of the following contact details:
- Bookings Line: 0844 358 4505
- Email: info@hovercraftadventures.co.uk