Pay & Play - 5 Laps




We can accommodate groups of up to 8 people with 5 laps each. There is no competitiveness to our Pay & Play system so you can take your time to enjoy the experience driving across land & water!

Ticket price for 1 person. Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Event run predominantly Monday to Friday.

These are a taster session and are not competitive in any way, they do not involve any timed laps or relay races. This experience tends to suit smaller family groups, school/youth groups, individuals and events that include another activity (other activities can be offered, please ask for details).

Hovercraft Pay & Play Brief

Safety Briefing - Each participant will be given a detailed safety briefing (this is possibly done in a group.) and shown the controls of the craft.

Training in craft - Each participant will be given ample time to learn the controls of the craft. However if the participant needs extra tuition, then this may in extreme cases reduce the laps that are given due to extra training time.

Laps - With Pay & Play there is no competitiveness as there is with the Hovercraft Experience, it is purely Pay as you Play. You will have 5 laps of our track to race around or enjoy at your own leisure.

Prizes - There are no prizes or certificates given for the Pay & Play Session(s).

Once you have your ticket(s), you will need to get in touch with us to make your booking, all bookings must be made in advance by using either of the following contact details:
- Bookings Line: 0844 358 4505
- Email: