We exist to help businesses sell their tickets online

Why Did We Start?

TicketyBooth was born when three of the clients of our parent web developer company, mtstudios, had an almost identical need simultaneously.

We searched high and low to find an easy to use and inexpensive web service to let our clients sell their tickets from their existing websites, but the few we found were focused on selling a set number of tickets for a specific event.

Our clients needed to emphasise giving tickets as a gift, and were keen to take advantage of advanced features such as season passes, promotional offers and selling merchandise.

What Do We Do?

We let website owners with modest technical skills sell tickets for their attraction from their website without the need for an expensive e-commerce website or a Merchant Bank Account. If you're looking for help with our system visit our help or Frequently Asked Questions pages.

How Do We Do It?

"So easy, my grand mother could do it!"

If you can create an eBay listing, or even shop online, you have most of the skills you'll need to use TicketyBooth. If you can add a link to your website, or just need to sell from your blog, you're all the way there.

TicketyBooth is a hosted service that lets you create a simple store to list your tickets, and maybe sell some merchandise. Payment for these tickets is taken via PayPal or SagePay and the money goes straight to you, there's no commission from TicketyBooth. These tickets are then (optionally) e-mailed to your customer, along with an Invoice, and they contain a unique code so you know when they're redeemed.

Want to know more? Read our FAQ, or better still create a Free Account: