Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use TicketyBooth?
We have a "free forever" account and a Pro account at £19.99 per month with extra features. If you have no sales in any month, we don't charge you a thing! More Info
How can I collect money using TicketyBooth?
We offer integration with PayPal (recommended for beginners) and SagePay.
Do I have to install any software to use TicketyBooth?
TicketyBooth is a hosted on our servers, there is no software to download or install, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser.
Can I customise the way my TicketyBooth pages work?
We offer two types of customisation. Basic customisation allows you to upload your logo and pick a colour for your shop, but if you know HTML and CSS you can provide custom code allowing you to make your shop look pretty much anyway you choose.
Can I manage my Orders and Tickets with TicketyBooth?
We have full order management built in to our system, allowing you see your orders, check their status and mark them as sent when you post your parcels - and you'll be able to see full details about your tickets: which are unredeemed, and how many times a season pass is used.
How do I integrate TicketyBooth into my Blog / Website / Facebook?
We recommend you just link to us at, which we can help you with, but you can also consider iframe integration, where your TicketyBooth shop appears inside your website's pages.
Can I access my Customer Details?
Of course, you can even download lists of your customers names and email addresses for use in newsletter and contact management tools.
How do I get support on using TicketyBooth?
Initially try our Help section, otherwise email us or call using the details found on our Contact Us page.