Help / Videos

We have created a series of video guides to help you use TicketyBooth and get the most from your tickets sales.

Getting Started

Signing up for TicketyBooth Watch Video
Signing up for TicketyBooth takes a few seconds.
Free forever!
Our most basic account level is free, and free forever. If you need advanced features, or sell more than three types of ticket, it costs just £19.99 a month.

Tickets & Products

Adding your tickets or merchandise to TicketyBooth
Although we're all about selling tickets, you can actually sell anything on TicketyBooth.
Grouping tickets / products Watch Video
If you have added lots of tickets / products, you may want to group them to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for.
Redeeming tickets Video Coming Soon
You can redeem tickets by entering their unique code or scanning them with your webcam.
Changing the design of your Pretty tickets Video Coming Soon
Customers are sent a link to pretty tickets that they can print.

Payments & Delivery

Delivery options Watch Video
Want offer pretty tickets by post? No problem.
Accepting payments Watch Video
Configure your seller pages to accept payments direct to your own accounts.

Marketing & Promotion tools

Running Promotions / Special Offers Video Coming Soon
Generate special offer or promotional codes.
Booking Codes for Affiliates Video Coming Soon
Do you have arrangements with booking agents who want to book direct with you? Create a unque code for each of them and track the orders they place with you.
Exporting customer email addresses for mail-outs Video Coming Soon
You can export all of your customers details for email marketing.

Customising TicketyBooth & integrating with your own website

Changing the way your seller pages look Video Coming Soon
You can customise your seller pages to match your companies logos or go full out and make them look just like your website.
Changing the contents of the email sent with a customers tickets Video Coming Soon
Add your own voice to the email sent out containing your customers tickets.
Linking your website or facebook page to your TicketyBooth pages Video Coming Soon
Once you are ready to go, you should link to your seller pages from everywhere!

Running your ticket shop

Managing orders Video Coming Soon
You have full control of all orders placed and access to all of the details.
Managing Tickets in Circulation Video Coming Soon
Lookup, check and redeem tickets.
Managing your details Video Coming Soon
Keep your details up-to-date.